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When I first saw the picture on the left from Kakyuusei 2, I thought the sign “Let’s Kiosk” was simply the usual Engrish; however, I noticed the same sign again in Hime-chan no Ribbon.

LET\'S KIOSK (01) Sign from Kakyuusei 2     LET\'S KIOSK (02) Sign from Hime-chan no Ribbon

At this point, I was suspicious so I looked it up on Google. I came across some interesting links here, here, and koko.

Speaking of interesting links, my cousin Glen sent me a news article about a guy making a mecha in Wasilla, Alaska. I wish I knew about this earlier since I was just in Alaska. I mean, I know a thing or two about physics, and I’ve watched a few anime with mecha in them, so I should be qualified, right? Right?!

Finally, I received the following curious email from a “nicholasyoung” with the ever helpful subject “song”:

at first i thought these lyrics were wrong but then i really listened to it….i love3 this song and thanks for the lyrics!

What people don’t realize is that I have submitted over 150 lyrics to so I usually have no idea which song people are talking about. I’d usually respond with a “Thank you” and ask what song they’re thanking me for, but it happens quite a bit and they probably don’t really care to hear from me anyway. From now on, I’ll just publicly thank everyone here for enjoying my contributions. If you want an actual reply, say so in the email, and I’ll be happy to respond; otherwise, I’m just going to smile and move on…