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In what can only be seen as a conspiracy of the universe against me, my Casio – DATA BANK (DB-35H) watch died a horrible death.

Further proof of a conspiracy arose when I was watching Law & Order. One of the officers actually said, “I Googled the name…” After that, I paid closer attention to the show and I noticed a webpage opened to Yahoo and the obvious “beeping” sound that only a Nextel phone equipped with a walkie-talkie feature could make. ARRGHHH!!! My favorite drama show on network television has betrayed me ;_; While there may have been commercial endorsements in the show before, never has it been so blatant. Poor, poor, Law & Order. I yearn for the first seasons again. Of course, back then, everything was better – or so people tell me…

You know what? I’m actually starting to believe that it was better “back then.” Judging from the fact that every other commmercial I see these days is about a drug of some sort, I’m beginning to think that this generation is pretty screwed up to need so many drugs. I could be joking…