Dec 9th, 2004 | Filed under News

Typically, animators want to give their characters the best equipment, but, sometimes due to budget constraints, this isn’t always the case. The following two pictures from Girls Bravo and Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~, respectively, are examples of the typically tight budgets in animation.

 SIMURATOR HAND GRENADE M116A 1 from Girls Bravo     STAN HAND GRENAD from Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~

Judging from this, we can see that Girls Bravo has a slightly better budget than Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~. I know it’s sad since Triangle Heart was better in nearly every way, but who can tell what anime gets a decent amount of money these days? I mean, what makes Girls Bravo so compelling anyway?

Oh, right… I know why. Nevermind…

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