Dec 5th, 2004 | Filed under News

I was watching Tsukuyomi ~MOON PHASE~, and I thought to myself, “Hazuki really reminds me of Kokoro from Kokoro Library.” So I dug around my screen caps, and did the following comparison.

Hazuki (01) from Tsukuyomi ~MOON PHASE~   Kokoro (01) from Kokoro Library

At this point, I had a sneaking suspicion, so I checked the ANN Encyclopedia and, surprise, surprise, the seiyuu for Hazuki, Chiwa Saito, also did the voice for Kokoro. I never realized my powers were so great… Don’t worry though, I’ll always use my powers for good, so sleep well, dear citizens.

Before my ego grows too large for you to view this site, check out the Pic of the Week.

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