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For those of you out of the loop, there’s a website for Melty Blood Act Cadenza, the arcade version of Melty Blood Re•ACT. It’s a bit skimpy right now, so it might be good to check back later.

Zepy, over at Canned Dogs, mentioned that Ashinaga Ojisan is going to come out with a doujin game called Habanero-tan House (11-28-2004).

…a life sim of Habanero-tan, where the objective is to bully her and increase her stress so she becomes more spicy, which will allow you to sell her at higher prices, which will in turn allow you to buy more furniture and stuff.

I’d consider buying that, but I’d feel bad about bullying Habanero-tan… ;_;

I was watching My-HiME the other day, and I noticed two curious things in the same frame.

Install Procedure Sign from My-HiME   Hack Me!! (04) Sign from My-HiME

I think the first picture, which is a typical copy paste of random English (the animators probably just saw something in English lying around and thought it would be neat), is a red herring. The real action is to the right of Natsuki’s head; here, we can see another example of the “Hack Me!!” signs from Gad Guard that I mentioned before. I checked the production lists in the ANN Encyclopedia, but I didn’t notice any similarities. I wonder if this mysterious sign appears in any other anime and what its origins are. I suppose I’d have to watch more anime to find out…

While I go find better and better excuses to watch anime, go check out the newest spatula.