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I never imagined that my first efforts to vote here in California would be thwarted by a stroke of idiocy.  One must register 15 days before an election, and one of the requirements is a California ID.  I was waiting for my drivers license in the mail for a while and was wondering why it was taking so long.  Apparently, one of the persons who lives in this house “misfiled” my letter with my license; I should’ve gotten it a couple weeks ago.  Guess when I got it. Friday, October 3rd.  Someone needs to die…

I was shopping the other day, and I noticed my receipt had a curious total:

 Ralph's Receipt with BALANCE 6.66


As a final note for an unusually chatty day, I was wondering how much damage the shockwaves in Uchuu no Stellvia would actually cause.  "Hey, I know physics and math.  I should just calculate it!"  Find out!

No, I have no doubts about why girls don’t like me. I don’t lie to myself…