At first, I thought that Martin Jigmar from s.CRY.ed had poor sense in choosing his password.

PASS WORD Martin Sigmar from s.CRY.ed

But, as you can clearly see, he switched the “J” to an “S”. It’s probably due to this very same sharp thinking that he made it to the top. I’d follow his example, but “The Jpatula” really doesn’t make any sense; besides, it’s not like anyone reads this anyway, so my secret should be safe…

I complained the other day about not playing much Melty Blood Re•ACT, but over the weekend it seemed like everyone wanted to play – I must’ve played close to 6 hours. I almost forgot how wild the game can get. I like to use Sion and choose her 4th color (she looks like Tessa from Full Metal Panic), but I have to admit that she’s not that great compared to the characters. It makes me sad…

Finally, in an effort to feed my appetite for puzzle games, Zefi sent me a link:
(I can’t directly link to it, so copy and paste), to a java script game based on Binzume Yousei (Bottle Fairy). The idea is to click on the characters on the “board” with at least 2 of the same to make a match and clear them from the board, but you need 3 or more to score points. Each “match” causes unusable tiles to “push in” from the top and the right to fill in the empty space. A simple and cute game, but it does require some thought to get the characters to line up next to each other in the proper fashion to maximize your score.