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gp32 from insani emailed me noting that the signs from Interlude aren’t quite Korean.

You could make the case if you sliced up the glyphs the proper way, but that would be the same way as taking a child’s scribble, hacking it up a certain way, and calling it kanji.

It certainly *looks* like it, though. They were most definitely inspired by the form of the korean hangul glyphs, that much is true.

Further proof that I need to learn Korean…

Everyone has probably already seen this, but I thought I’d mention the following Nutri-Grain ad that Vince pointed out to me. It’s GREAT!

Finally, in the spirit of Halloween, Joe, with his eagle-like eyes, noticed the following piece of paper masquerading as a license plate.

Texas 082804 Paper License Plate

Things must be tough in Texas if they can’t even afford to make their license plates out of metal…

Go ahead and take a look at the new Pic of the Week while I go out and stop kids from getting cavities by persuading them to give me their candy. It’s a thankless job, but someone has to help the children…