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I was thumbing through the many images I have on my hard drive, trying to sort them, and I ran across the following image that I forgot I saved:

Tidebreakers from Megatokyo

I’d like to put this in the Tide Breakers section of my site, but MegaTokyo isn’t an anime. Oshii… Still, we can see Piro acknowledging the true power of these concrete wonders. It’s too bad there aren’t similar things to stop the rain.

Stupid rain…

I usually don’t care about rain (it could be worse, I do originally hail from Alaska), but it’s really starting to piss me off. You see, my phone line is severely affected by the rain; sometimes, like today, there’s so much noise on the line that I can’t even hear the dial tone. Of course, the noise also affects my internet connection. It makes me want to beat someone down in a fighting game.

Fortunately, I know a couple people…