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I hope that I don’t offend everyone with the following pictures, but I think it’s curious to see what they actually broadcast on television in Japan.

 Nenene giving The Bird from R.O.D. ~The TV  Katakura Reiko giving The Bird from Aishiteruze Baby  Students from Gokusen giving The Bird

It isn’t too hard to believe that R.O.D. ~The TV would have Nenene flipping someone off, but it was a bit surprising to see Kippei’s sister do it in Aishiteru ze! Baby. Normally, they censor stuff like that on network television in the U.S. Of course, as many people probably already know, the standards for what can and can’t be shown on TV are different between the U.S. and Japan. This makes the last picture from Gokusen somewhat amusing since it makes me think of a couple of possibilities as to why this student uses the wrong finger: 1) The animators are doing a bit of self-censorship as a joke, 2) They are implying that some of the students here are too dumb to use the right finger, 3) The target audience for Gokusen is younger than that for Aishiteru ze! Baby and it needs to be censored. Although, I suppose they could’ve just made a mistake…


Now, before you decide to give me the finger, go take a look at the newest spatula