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An English test I saw in Ultra Maniac may not be groundbreaking, but it can be interesting if you notice several details.

English Test with Bruce Lee from Ultra Maniac

First, we note that two of the answers are “Bruce Lee” and “This is a pen”. The former demonstrates how famous the martial arts action star is while the latter is an (in)famous sentence for Japanese students who are starting to learn English. Characters in anime usually say this phrase when their knowledge of English is negligible. One of the earliest examples I can think of was by Moroboshi Ataru in Urusei Yatsura. Of course, they probably don’t use this phrase anymore, but that’s just speculation on my part since I’ve never taught English in Japan.

The other interesting thing about this test is the fact that check marks are used to note a wrong answer. While this may seem unimportant to most, the convention that I usually see in the U.S. is that a check mark is an answer that is correct. My experiences grading homework and tests forces me to notice stuff like this.

Well, I’m sure you want to stab my eyes out at this point, so I’m hoping the following new game called Duel Savior will make you think happy thoughts instead. It appears to be an Action/Adventure game with some H elements, so if you’re under 18, go here instead.