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I found two spiffy pictures the other day while browsing through 2chan (the one on the left) and 4chan.

McCOL Drink     Zangief vs. Himekawa Kotone from Mugen

If you don’t remember, I posted a picture from Shinkon Gattai Godannar, that I thought was a parody, but I wasn’t completely sure. There’s even a fan site for it, which isn’t too surprising – there are web pages for everything. I should try it sometime…

As for the other pic, it’s good to see that some people out there still think of QoH ’99. Of course, Kotone would lay the smackdown (literally) on Zangief. Not that I’m biased or anything…

I’m also glad that I found this picture since linking to the QoH ’99 section of my website led me to several errors in my markup. I probably would’ve noticed them soon enough since I’m reformatting that section to look like the Party’s Breaker section. This is going to take a while since there are more than twice as many characters than Party’s Breaker

Finally, for all of you Gunbuster fans, check out the trailer for TOPPU wo Nerae 2! recently posted on the official website. Look for the “HIGH MOVIE” and “LOW MOVIE” icons. It seems a bit strange, and while I can’t imagine it being better than the original, I’ll probably watch it even if it does turn out to be really bad.