I was playing Melty Blood Re•ACT with Ryan the other day, and I came across in Version 2.004.  I was using Hisui and Kohaku, and Ryan was using Arcueid. I had Hisui in control and used the 214+B attack while at the same time Ryan did the 41236+C attack while in Blood Heat Mode. Arcueid’s chains caused Kohaku to become stuck in midair, as you can see below.

Kohaku and Hisui vs Arcueid Bug

Fortunately, I, once again, remembered that it’s easy enough to save replays, so I saved a replay of the match. The bug doesn’t occur until the second round, so try not to suffer too much from witnessing our sad abilities. ;_; Oh, I actually did try to tag Kohaku, but I screwed up and went into Heat mode. Yeah, yeah, I know I suck…

All right, all right. I’ll stop stalling and give you the Pic of the Week.