Aug 10th, 2004 | Filed under News

A sign in an elevator in The Big O proved to be quite curious (the following is actually the same sign, I broke it into two to highlight the oddities).


Ignoring the fact that “UPPR” is missing an “E”, it’s odd that the “UPPR LIMIT” is only “378 POUNDS”. For “12 PERSONS”, you’d need an average weight of 31.5 pounds. Even if the animator made a mistake and meant 378 kilograms, each person would still have to average 69.3 pounds. Apparently, everyone in Paradigm City is very light…

The bottom part is more interesting but a bit hard to read.

In an increasingly heated political atmosphere, there were suggestions that the static government could be trying to keep the death figure low to avoid a backlash in state elections due early next year.

I’ve never noticed such informative things in elevators. I usually look at my feet or the ceiling to avoid making eye contact with other people. Paradigm City! Lose your memory and weight! Learn new things while riding in elevators! Okay, enough of my strange comments…

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Finally, years of searching have yielded the latest spatula

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