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For those of you who didn’t already notice, I added a new forum section above – I have a mySQL database as part of my package deal, and I thought I’d put it to use. I’m hoping to get a post or two a month (not including mine, of course). I had to change a bunch of the pages on this site, so if you notice anything wrong, tell me in the new forum (hint, hint) or contact me directly.

Apparently, some people decided to abuse the generosity of Revolve Translations by distributing copies of Melty Blood with their English patch (August 03, 2004 news). Is it really too much to ask to have your own copy first, then put the patch on it? A small price to pay since they’re doing it for free…

I was watching a bit of Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective Academy Q), and I noticed another example of the variable shirt phenomenon in anime.


You’d think that a show about detectives would have people who would notice these things…

Speaking of detectives, I barely noticed another spatula during this same episode (it was only during one frame). I’d say that my observational skills of kitchen utensils are unusually high, but that would just make people think that I’m odd.

Oh wait, people already think that…