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Usually, one comes across fractured English in anime for various reasons. In some cases, the animators simply go crazy on the keyboard. The first picture below is from Airmaster; the subsequent two are, respectively, from Read or Die and Prince of Tennis.

cokljinmlbkm:lnjm sign from Airmaster   MIJBEV FDJUJB YIRGJBJ MVG sign from Read or Die   fghijk sign from Prince of Tennis

If the animators actually intended for those particular strings of letters to mean anything, I must say I have no idea what it could be. They probably just put that in there because any English, even nonsensical combinations of letters is exotic and cool, or they wanted to mess with a possible English speaking audience. I’m voting for the latter…
For those sharp people who read this site, there is a subtle connection between the date and the Pic of the Week.

Ah, who am I kidding; no one understands my subtle humor anyway…