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Kurika’s Shopping List

Kurika's Shopping List from Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou: Dokkoider

Kurika has a list and she’s checking it twice. I wouldn’t mind getting some of these things for X-mas. ^_^ This is great for the obsessive anime fan since many of these are real items! Just look them up on Google! For those of you who are having trouble reading the Japanese, in the right hand column under Radeon 9900 Pro the items listed are:

  • SHISUPURI POSUTAA = Sister Princess Poster
  • Mizuho FIGYUA = A figure of the main character from Onegai Teacher
  • one Doujinshi = An Onegai Teacher doujinshi (a fan-made comic)
  • GEEMU KATAROGU aru dake = A game catalog only if it’s there
  • subete sorottara kitaku shite yoshi = When you get everything on the list, you can come home
  • Kurisaburo